Trifle-Hut a veritable plethora of trifle humor

trifle...... "A cold dessert made with sherry, fruit juice or liqueur-soaked sponge cake in the base of a large or individual dish, covered with layers of fruit, jelly, custard and whipped cream in various combinations and usually elaborately decorated"

This site is dedicated to the promotion of 'trifle' and other custard based desserts. In the following pages we hope to develop an understanding of the role of cream topped sweets in the 21st century, whilst attempting to entertain and amuse. To enhance this weird, wacky, fun and sometimes surreal experience I have added music for your listening pleasure and a plethora of pictures and images to delight the eye and tantalise the taste buds.

I hope you derive as much pleasure viewing the following pages as I wish

I'd had creating them..................

'There's a fine line between fantasy and reality'............Anon


This site contains material of a gramatically incorrect nature.

If you are easily offended..........


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(Sad I know, but i want my "fifteen fame filled minutes" like everyone...)

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