goo goo A playful little venture involving celebrities and a cute little program called goo


Ever wanted to deface some of those annoying smug celebrities that clutter our TV and cinema screens without causing physical bodily harm ? Well here's your chance, this cute little programme enables you to manipulate, change, improve or just go crazy with, the facial features of those in question without the need for expensive plastic surgery.The first victim in this series is the annoying, ginger, bespectacled, 'ickle' celebrity Chris Evans, who's only claim to fame is the ability to talk senseless drivel for hours on end. So have fun !

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Written by QuanCex

Believe it or not some people actually cant fathom how to work this.So for those people - select the 'tool' press and hold down the left mouse button (the mouse is that thing in your hand (!) that clicks when you press it ok ?) and drag over the handsome features of Mr.Evans

If there are any other candidates you'd like to see get the treatment, drop me a line and i'll see what I can do.